Cute Japanese Hamster Characters

I think those who love hamsters may also be interested in characters based on hamsters.
However, there aren’t many characters that use hamsters as their motif…!

On this site, I have gathered information about cute Japanese hamster chracters and their goods.
The information may be useful for those who say, “I want to know about cute hamster characters!” or “I want hamster character goods!”.

Japanese Hamster Character Introduction

I’ll be introducing Japanese characters themed around hamsters!

Trotting Hamtaro (とっとこハム太郎)

Firstly, there is “Trotting Hamtaro”, the most famous hamster characters in Japan.
The animated series was broadcasted on TV from 2000 in Japan, and it became a massive hit among children.
Not only the protagonist, “Hamtaro”, but there are also various unique and cute hamsters featured.
Even after the end of the anime broadcasts, collaboration products with other stores continue to be released.

The main characters of Trotting Hamtaro
The main characters of Trotting Hamtaro
Image credits:Hamutaro’s Official Web Site ©︎Kawai Ritsuko/Shogakukan

The Character’s Goods

This is a tumbler adorned with illustrations of Hamtaro and Ribbon-chan.
The design is quite mature, so it can even be used in places like offices!

This is a mug featuring many characters from “Hamtaro”.
It is microwave-safe and has a large capacity, making it easy to use.

Corocoro kuririn (コロコロクリリン)

“Korokoro Kuririn” is a character from Sanrio.
Including side characters, there are an astonishing 86 hamsters featured!

The main characters of corocoro kuririn
The main characters of corocoro kuririn
Image credits:Domani ©︎SANRIO CO., LTD.

The Character’s Goods

This is a mobile charger. The design is really cute, isn’t it?

Wall clocks are also being sold.

The minor characters of POMPOM PURIN (ポムポムプリン)

“Pompom Purin” is a character from Sanrio.
The main character “purin” is designed with a dog motif.
However, among its supporting characters, there is an adorable hamster.

From left to right in photo below, the hamsters are named “Muffin”, “Biscuit”, and “Cookie”.

Image credits:DTIMES.JP © SANRIO CO., LTD.

The Character’s Goods

It’s a small mascot keychain of a “muffin”.


“SUKEROKU” is a hamster character illustrated by GOTTE.
It seems to be primarily modeled after a Syrian(Golden) hamster.


The Character’s Goods

This is a stylish tissue box cover.

They also sell cups with very cute designs.


“BLUE HAMHAM” is a quartet of cosmic hamsters who play music and enjoy eating music.
This adorable rhythmic video has become a sensation, making the character popular not only in Japan but also internationally.

Image credits:: ©Arimura Taishi

The minor characters of Rilakkuma (リラックマ)

In the Rilakkuma series, hamster characters appear as a friend of Rilakkuma.

There are two characters: “Ginham”, a silver hamster who is energetic and full of curiosity, and “Kinham”, a laid-back golden hamster.

Image credits:Official Twitter of リラックマごゆるりサイト ©SAN-X

The Character’s Goods

“This is a palm-sized plushie of ‘Kinham’. It’s so soothing, isn’t it?”

Bosanimal – Ran (ぼさにまる)

“Bosanimal” is the characters from Sanrio.
There’s a character based on hamsters, named “Ran”(蘭).

Delinquent Hamsters(ヤンキーハムスター)

There is an anime and manga series featuring hamsters with the appearance of a delinquent.

Image credits:Delinquent Hamsters Official Website ©Piso Studio

DB.Starman (DBスターマン)

DB.Starman (DB.スターマン, DB. Sutaaman) is the mascot character for the Japanese
professional baseball team “the Yokohama Bay Stars”.

Image credits:AcerJack Posted in


We introduced a cute character with a hamster motif.
We plan to continue updating information sequentially in the future.

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