Hamster Summer Heat Protection! How to save money on electricity

Hamsters, covered with fluffy fur, cannot get through mid-summer without air conditioning.
Here are some ways to make your hamsters comfortable while keeping your electricity bill as low as possible.

What is the ideal temperature for hamsters?

The temperature at which hamsters are comfortable ranges from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius.
As shown in the table below, the optimal temperature varies slightly depending on the species of hamster.

Please note that Djungarian hamsters, in particular, are sensitive to heat since they originally lived in cold regions.
My Jangarian hamster looks very hot if the temperature exceeds 24 degrees Celsius even a little.

the species of hamsterideal temperature
Golden(Syrian) hamster22~26 degrees Celsius
Djungarian hamster20~24 degrees Celsius
Roborovskii hamster24~27 degrees Celsius

Please turn on the air conditioner so that the temperature near the cage is within the above range.
Humidity should be adjusted to 40-60% to create a comfortable environment for hamsters.
It is strongly recommended to check the temperature and humidity by placing a thermometer near the cage.

Hamsters do not sweat, so they do not feel cool even if a fan is used to blow air.
Temperature and humidity control with an air conditioner is essential.

How can I keep my air conditioner electricity bill as low as possible?

Even if running the air conditioner is a must, here are some things you can do to keep your electricity bill as low as possible.

Use heat shielding and insulating curtains

Thermal and insulating curtains can be used to block sunlight and heat from outside, preventing the interior from getting warmer as much as possible.
Also, cool air from the air conditioner does not escape outside, reducing power consumption.

Keep the cage as low as possible.

Warm air has the tendency to climb upward.
Therefore, placing the cage as low as possible will reduce the temperature near the cage.

Clean air conditioner filters on a regular basis.

Dirty air conditioner filters impair the air conditioner’s intake and exhaust performance, resulting in higher power consumption.
Studies have shown that cleaning the filters once every two weeks can reduce power consumption by approximately 4% during cooling operation.

Recommended goods for hamsters to protect against heat

Here are some recommended breeding products that can protect against heat.

Aluminum sheet, Slainless steel sheet

You can also place aluminum or stainless steel plates inside the cage to create a cool place.
We use the following two types of aluminum plates.

Ceramic, ceramic or stainless steel huts

Hutches made of materials such as ceramics, ceramic, and stainless steel are cooler, and the temperature felt by the hamsters is much lower than that of wooden huts.
It is recommended to use different types of hutches depending on the season, such as ceramic hutches in summer and wooden hutches in winter.


Neglecting to protect your hamsters from the heat can be fatal at worst, so make sure you take the proper measures to survive the summer!