How to make a slide by using a box of tissues

Just throwing away an empty tissue box felt wasteful, so I decided to make a DIY slide for my hamster using it!

On this page, I explain about how to make the slide.

Necessary Things

Please prepare the following items to make the slide. You can make it even without a ruler and pen.

  • 1 empty box of tissues
  • scissors
  • packing tape (or bond)
  • ruler
  • pen

How to make

Use a ruler and pen to draw a line around the middle of the tissue box.

Cut along the line with scissors, leaving the bottom intact.

Create incisions as shown in the picture below.

Insert the left end into the right box, as shown in the picture below.
Secure the connection with duct tape to prevent it from coming apart.

Flip it over and let’s create the slide part on the side.
Make a crease at the point where the inside and outside are about 4:5 in length.

Tuck the outer edge inside.

Make a crease like the image below to stabilize the slide part on the side.

Finally it’s done!

Let my hamster play with the toy

Since the tape can be attached to only the bottom, you don’t have to worry about hamsters accidentally eating it.

Hamsters also seem to enjoy playing inside it. If you have a large cage, you could even use it as a substitute for a house!

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