About White Syrian Hamster

Have you ever seen “WHITE” Syrian(Golden) hamster?
This page provides basic information about white syrian hamsters and their characteristics.

Basic information about White Syrian hamster

White Syrian hamsters are Syrian(Golden) hamsters with white fur.
Because they are rarely seen in pet shops, they are a little less well known.

They are also called “polar bear syrian hamster” in Japan.
The name comes from their white fur and facial resemblance to a bear.

When comparing images of a White Syrian hamster and a polar bear side by side, it is clear that their facial features are indeed similar!

White Syrian hamster
a White Syrian hamster
polar bear
a polar bear

The Features and Charms of White Syrian hamster

Bigger Body

They’re one size larger than a normal Syrian(Golden) hamster, with a body length of about 18-19 cm.

This is a picture of a baby hamster that is only 2 months old, but its body length is about 15cm.

a baby White Syrian Hamster

They are able to climb easily on top of their house and toilet, so they often try to escape from the ceiling.
Those who have experience with small hamsters such as the Campbell’s or Roborovski may be surprised by the developed grip strength, sharp claws, and jumping ability of Syrian (Golden) hamsters.
Please be careful to prevent them from escaping.

Easier to tame and has a low tendency to bite

Because White syrian hamsters are a member of the Golden hamsters, they tend to be relatively easy to tame and have less of a tendency to bite compared to other hamsters such as Campbell’s hamsters. There may be individual differences, though…

My own Syrian hamster has never bitten my hand so far.

White Fur

Because their body is completely white, the contrasting pink nose and round black eyes stand out prominently, which is a distinctive feature.

Apart from their coat color, their facial expressions and body shape are very similar to those of the Golden hamster.
Their adorable dumbfounded expression that they often display is very cute.

Some individuals with red eyes

There are also some White Syrian hamsters with red eyes.
They are called “Albino”.

If they inherit a gene that lacks pigment from both parents, they will have no black pigments in their eyes and their blood vessels will be visible, resulting in a red-eye color.

White Syrian hamster with red eye
Albino(White) Syrian hamster with red eye

Where can you buy a White Syrian hamster?

Since White Syrian hamsters are a minor type of hamster, it is very rare to see them at famous chain pet stores. (I have never seen them there in Japan.)

In my case, I happened to come across one at a small pet shop in a home center and decided to bring it home.

At these less well-known stores, the price of a hamster is around 4,000 yen per individual, which is already quite high, and the arrival of new stock is irregular.

If you happen to see a Shirokuma hamster, consider yourself very lucky. If you want to have one, you may regret it if you miss the chance to bring it home that day!

If you want to see more about White Syrian hamsters, there are videos and pictures available on Instagram and TikTok.

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