Starting a Pet Blog Was Worth It! How to Earn and Find Content Ideas

I am a Japanese blogger who shares the charm of hamsters and information on caring for them!
It’s been about a year since I started this blog, and I’ve been able to generate income through it.

For those who are thinking, “Why not start a blog about my pet?” or “I want to earn some extra income through blogging!”, I’ve compiled a guide on how to make money, and how to find topics to write about.
I’ll also share some of the things that make starting a pet blog worthwhile.

Why Starting a Pet Blog is Worthwhile

First, let me list some reasons why running a pet blog is worthwhile.

Preserve memories with your pets indefinitely

Blogging is like an electronic diary.
You can preserve memories with your beloved pets indefinitely and share them with people around the world.
It’s incredibly convenient to look back and reminisce about “What was that product I used back then?” or “What was my pet like at that time?”
Instagram and other social media platforms can also serve as records, but blogs offer more robust search functions, unlimited external linking, and greater freedom to customize the layout and appearance of your Website.

You can expand your knowledge and motivation to learn

To attract visitors, you need to provide accurate and useful information, which often requires reading other blog posts and books.
Additionally, you’ll develop a habit of trying out new products and carefully observing your pets, which leads to increased knowledge about pet-related topics.
As you write blog posts, you’ll naturally find your own knowledge growing.

Moreover, receiving feedback and opinions from readers provides opportunities to become aware of differences in perspectives and to correct any misunderstandings.
This also helps improve your writing skills over time!

You can contribute to other pet owners and animal lovers

Because you’re a pet owner, you can understand the questions and information needs of other pet owners, which allows you to provide helpful information to them.

Sharing experiences with pet behavior, reviews of pet care products, and daily life with your pets provides firsthand information that may not be available even from experts like veterinarians or pet shop staff.

Especially since blogs receive a lot of traffic from search engines like Google, there are many users searching for solutions to their problems.
This presents numerous opportunities to solve their problems through your articles.

You can earn income

Once your blog starts attracting a sizable audience, you can also earn income from it.
Some people even turn their love for their pets into a full-fledged business by monetizing their daily experiences and adventures with their pets.

However, earning income from blogging isn’t easy right from the start.
Even for those who are doing well, it takes about six months for traffic to start flowing in.
By gradually building up your blog posts, you’ll eventually be able to generate passive income.
After a year of running my blog, I started earning some extra income, roughly equivalent to the cost of my pets’ toys.
Then, a year and a half later, my efforts paid off, and I’m now earning a stable income, which motivates me to create even more articles.

Transition in the blog's traffic
Transition in this blog’s traffic

How to Earn with a Pet Blog

As for how to earn money from running a pet blog, the two main methods are “product introductions(affiliate)” and “advertising placements”, which I’ll explain in detail below.

Earning through product introductions (affiliate marketing)

The first method is earning revenue through product or service introductions, also known as “affiliate marketing”.
You recommend products or services, and when readers purchase them through the links on your blog, you receive a portion of the sales revenue from the affiliate merchant.
In pet blogs, you can earn income by introducing pet care products that you’ve found useful.

In addition to introducing products from Amazon, there are also many high-priced affiliate deals related to pets.
If there’s something you’ve tried and would recommend to others, you can consider creating referral articles to earn rewards.

  • Purchasing a service to create original figures from pet photos
  • Signing up for pet food delivery services
  • Registering for a pet adoption matching service

Earning through advertising placements (pay-per-click advertising)

Another way to earn income is by placing ads on your blog, where you get paid based on the number of views or clicks.
Google AdSense is a well-known advertising placement service.

To place ads of Google AdSense, you need to pass a somewhat strict site review process at the beginning.
Once approved, AdSense automatically selects the most suitable ads for each blog visitor.
This means you can focus solely on creating high-quality content without worrying about whether you have products to recommend.
Since the approval process is becoming stricter each year, those interested in AdSense income should consider starting as early as possible.

What to write about? How to keep the blog going?

Many people struggle to keep their blogs going because they can’t think of topics to write about.
However, in the case of a pet blog, there are many everyday topics to cover.

By combining your daily life with your pets, you can find endless topics to write about without getting bored.

Some examples include:

  • Introducing your favorite pet care products or recently purchased ones
  • Introducing furniture or appliances that are convenient for living with pets
  • Introducing animal-themed goods or snacks
  • Discussing pet-friendly facilities, trips, and outings
  • Sharing experiences of challenges in pet care and how you solved them
  • Sharing routines and tips for cleaning and care

Is there a compatibility between the type of animal and blog revenue?

Dogs and cats can generate high income if they attract traffic

Dogs and cats are still popular animals with many owners, resulting in a large number of overall search users.
Additionally, there are many high-priced affiliate deals, so if your blog starts getting traffic, you can significantly increase your income.

However, since there is a lot of competitors, it can be challenging to rank high in search results. You’ll need skills to create high-quality content.

Focusing on a specific niche within the blog genre and enhancing the quantity and quality of your articles can make it easier to rank higher in searches.
For example, instead of simply having a blog about “dog”, you could focus on a specific breed like “Poodle” or on a specific topic like “toys for dogs”.

Minor animals can earn income even for beginner bloggers

For animals other than dogs and cats, there are fewer high-priced affiliate deals available.
Most affiliate deals are limited to dogs or cats.
Therefore, the main method of operation tends to be to accumulate relatively low-income through introductions to Amazon Associates or Google AdSense.

However, because there is less competition compared to dogs and cats, it’s relatively easy to aim for higher rankings in searches.
Even beginners who have just started a blog can gradually earn income.


By starting a pet blog, I’ve been able to deepen my knowledge about my hamsters while earning some extra income, and I continue to enjoy managing the blog.
If you’re interested, I encourage you to start a pet blog!

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